Cute tender friendship animals. Interesting facts. Humor

Cute tender friendship animals. Interesting facts. Humor




Interesting facts about animals

Polar bear

The largest land predator is not a tiger, and polar bear. On average, it weighs about 500 kg, and large specimens pull at all 800! And half the body weight falls on the subcutaneous fat, which is like a warm coat warm bear in severe arctic cold. Even when the thermometer shows 60 degrees, the beast is not cold. And the fat help the polar bear swim, holding it in the water, like a life jacket.


Why male chimpanzees prefer older females young?
Observations of chimpanzees in a national park in Uganda showed that the males of these primates prefer to mate with older females and young are paying attention to only the weakest are males. After all, the older the female, the more offspring it has grown, and new cubs from it will survive and develop successfully more likely.

What monkey is able to pass the first level of Pac-Man?
One of the most famous monkeys involved in research programs to train primates language — is the dwarf chimpanzee named Kanzi. He can compare a few hundred words with special characters on the keyboard, and through them express their requests, when he needed something. Among the documented abilities Kanzi — ignition fire matches and roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Also taught him to play Pac-Man, and Kanzi was able to get past the first level.

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