Cute sleeping cats with dogs. Can dogs whether diagnose cancer?

Cute sleeping cats with dogs. Can dogs whether diagnose cancer at early stages, and how?




Interesting facts

Can dogs whether diagnose cancer at early stages, and how?

Dogs can diagnose the disease by various forms of cancer in the early stages.

This was proved by Japanese scientists, trained for this purpose, a female Labrador. Despite the fact that the task was complicated by the presence of part of the patient to be tested benign tumors or intestinal disease, the dog 95% successfully completed the definition of cancer from samples of breath and 98% — on samples of faeces.

This was confirmed by the medical hypothesis that cancer changes the smell of the body, although it is unclear exactly which chemicals are responsible for it. By defining them, it will be possible to create an «electronic nose» for diagnosis of the disease, since the use of dogs, though effective, but ultimately very expensive.

About cats

Cats often suddenly rush to his feet a passing man. Thus they play. The habit is a child, when, as a kitten, she jumped out of an ambush on their relatives.

Cats know how to kiss their favorite hosts. They prihvatyvayut teeth his finger or a fold of skin and released.

Cats are sensitive to the signs of attention on the part of man. If they see a lack thereof, simply lose interest and turn back to the man, or rather, a tail.

Toys for cats should be easy to toss, soft to the teeth and claws and large enough that they could not be swallowed.

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