Cute gentle kittens. Interesting facts аbout kittens

Cute gentle kittens. Interesting facts аbout kittens


Зевающий котенок




Interesting facts аbout kittens

Kittens … They cause people greatest admiration, affection and tenderness. Especially in women. Well, just look at them — as they do not love ?!

Kittens-called peers droppings. «Over time,» the cat can bring 3 to 8 kittens. Known litter-record holder in the 19 cats, of which 15 survived. During the year, the cat may increase the strength of the cat tribe for a hundred. And the absolute record holder is a cat Dusty recognized the mother of 420 kittens.

Kittens are born on average 12-centimeter, blind and deaf. About a week later they cut through his eyes, and they begin to hear a few days later. Cat feeds them milk no longer than 10 weeks after the birth. So I ordered a harsh but fair nature: more kittens are able to independently eat meat, after all the predators.

The fact that cats purr, does not always mean that they are all happy. Sometimes purring and threatening, and a signal to the owner of the disease. But when a cat comes to their kittens, her «purr» is translated unequivocally: I’m close, all right. And kittens purr in response: we’re fine, Mom.

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