Cute funny cats pictures. 5 facts — why cats do this?

Cute funny cats pictures. 5 facts — why cats do this?






5 facts — why cats do this?

1. Why cats do not like to swim?

In fact, most cats are comfortable with water and if possible can fish. But when the cat firmly hold hands and dipped into a basin of water, from his point of view is not very similar to the voluntary fishing that cause legitimate indignation.

2. Why do cats like to drink water dripping from a faucet?

Cats, like other animals, prefer fresh food and water. In their view, the flowing water is more fresh, so the water pouring from the tap, to them more attractive than standing in a bowl. For this reason, cats love to drink from large containers (my cat loves to drink only from a bucket, and are reluctant to drink from a bowl).

3. Why do cats lick pictures and plastic bags?

Cats are so «try» smell that people do not notice, but it is distinguished animals.

4. Why do some cats like valerian and others do not?

Scientists claim that the case in a particular gene. Some cats like to ride on the leaves of valerian, licking themselves, some eat it fast, some are totally indifferent. Another possible reason — the smell of valerian is similar to the smell of cats in certain periods.

5. Why is the cat «wince» when sniffing something particularly interesting?

Cats can smell is 14 times stronger than humans! In addition to the nose, cats can detect odors using the so-called «tube Jacobson,» located on the upper palate behind the front incisors. The cat uses it, when fully focus on some particularly interesting smell, sucking in air, slightly raising his upper lip and nose.

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