Cute funny cats in boxes. Why do cats like to sit in the boxes?

Cute funny cats in boxes. Why do cats like to sit in the boxes?






Cute funny cats in boxes. Why do cats like to sit in the boxes?

There are several reasons why so cats love cardboard boxes:

1.There may one of the reasons why your pets prefer to hide in closets, shelves or boxes of paper, is their natural flavor. Cats have always been indifferent to the tree, and the paper or wood store similar scents. A cat sitting in the box, as if returned to the wild forest and forget for a while about the surrounding contemporary setting.

2.Kot climbs into a box on a habit that you do it instilled since childhood. After all, it is with them in their first months of life is associated. There they gave birth mother fed her milk, licked. It’s like the first house, which is remembered for a lifetime.

3.Hot apartment or vacation home and become a pet for your family, but it will always look for him only known place where it will be cozier most. There he feels protected and immune from all. That’s why cats like to climb into a variety of boxes that may be in the most secluded and inconspicuous places.

4.Kot jumping into the box yet and because he needs their personal space. After all, you also have your favorite chair or sofa, so why he can not be this? You can help the cat to equip your area, make it more comfortable. Put back some of the favorite toy, with whom fluffy tomboy loves to play, a piece of soft cloth to a place it has become dearer and more familiar. So you create him a little world in which the cat can be closed at a time from all and relax.

5.Davayte remember that all members of the cat family — predators. How are these animals in the wild? They regularly go on the hunt to ensure family sustenance. There will need to ambush, where it is convenient lie in wait for prey. For pets it is no longer a necessity, but instincts continue to influence behavior. Cat climbs into the box, to hide there, and from the improvised ambush quietly observe their masters and pets.

6. If only there was a box in the apartment, it will certainly attract the cat. This is due to the fact that creating a fluffy love to explore new territory, to try for yourself. By the way, this is often the subject of a large bag or box. The main thing that he was able to just squeeze.

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