Cute, funny cats. Did you know that cats…

This is interesting about cats. Did you know that:

Body cats no sweat glands, so the cats have little or no odor, and in the heat of his mouth slightly open, like dogs, cats only sweat pads paws

During pregnancy one cat can make kittens from different fathers, but it is believed that all the kittens the cat will look like the first cat, which occurred in a cat mating

Drying …

Cute, funny cats

Cute, funny cats

When a cat comes it seems to us the entire surface of the presser foot, in fact, it is based on the fingers

Cats rastopyrivat peribirayut fingers and paws that enjoy

My size…

Cute, funny cats

Cute, funny cats

Cats Meow «created» specifically for cats communicate with a person between a cat never meow

The more a man talks with his favorite, the more the cat «responsible» person, meowing in response

I give up!

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I watch the news …

Cute, funny cats

Cute, funny cats



On the back of his neck cat has special receptors, which when exposed to cat relaxes and urges the legs to the body, these receptors are particularly active in kittens and allow cat-kitten mom carry from place to place. But a person should not do without injury and the effects it can only do the cat-mother with her kittens

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