Cute funny dogs pictures. 20 startling facts about dogs

Cute dogs, puppies pictures. 20 startling facts about dogs




20 startling facts about dogs

1.Communication with dogs lowers blood pressure
Studies show that people who stroked the dogs, blood pressure decreases.

Dogs, like people, can be a hiccup when eating or drinking too fast.
Since dogs are drinking water, folding the bottom part of the language of the form «cups»

Dogs do not feel guilty, but may be upset because of your anger.

4.Dogs see your emotions
Studies have shown that dogs can easily read the emotions on people’s faces

5.Dogs can distinguish colors
Dogs do not see the world in black and white. They distinguish between yellow and blue colors, but the intensity of perception is lower than in humans. Red and green dogs see as yellow-gray and confused with each other.

6.High body temperature
Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans. Considered normal temperatures from 37,5 to 39 ° C, and the heart rate varies between 60 to 120 beats per minute.

7.Dogs get cancer
Dogs, like people, can develop cancer. At the age of 10 years and older dog may be suffering from such ailments: lymphoma, skin cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, etc.

8.Dogs can smell the disease
A recent study conducted in a hospital Schillerhöhe (Germany), has proven that dogs can detect the smell of some of the organic compounds in the human body that indicate the presence of cancer.

9.Dogs harmful tobacco smoke
Veterinarians say the dogs that is harmful tobacco smoke. Because of him, the dogs can get a variety of respiratory diseases, allergies and lung cancer.

10.They can not eat chocolate
Dogs should not eat chocolate because it contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs (and horses, parrots and cats) and can lead to serious poisoning.

One of the studies showed that dogs with elongated muzzles live longer than, for example, pugs or bulldogs.

12.Influence of thunderstorms
Thunderstorm creates a special sound frequencies, which trap the dog’s ears. These sounds are painfully perceived pets.

We sweating occurs through the skin in dogs — through legs.

Just as people can be identified by fingerprints, dogs can be distinguished by their nose prints.

15.Biblical dogs
Dogs were even the Bible. The Bible mentions dogs 14 times.
The holy book mentions a greyhound.


In the US, about 1 million dogs become heirs of deceased owners.

Frightened dog takes a special position. It compresses the tail between the legs, thus hiding scent glands, which are the «identity card».

Studies show that dogs can be jealous. They produced oxytocin, which is responsible for the expression of love and its associated emotions.

Dogs myclyat as 2-year-olds. They tend to learn. The «intelligent» species, the more dog teams can remember.

Dogs can reach speeds up to 45 miles / h. The Greyhound is the fastest dog.

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