Cute cats pictures.Top-14 ways how cats show their love for you

Cute cats pictures. Top 14 ways how cats show their love for you


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Top 14 ways how cats show their love for you

1. Purring
Everyone knows that when a cat purrs, then it is good. Usually he expresses his love for the owners, humming them.
2. Driving on the floor
When the kitten is lying on the floor at your feet, it must be regarded as the highest level of expression of affection to you.
3. «head-butting»
The hosts of cats noted that domestic pets like rubbing his forehead and gently push their masters.
4. Scratching furniture and objects
Thus, the cat marks its territory, and sharpening its claws. Note where the pet makes it the most frequently — it could be 1 sofa, 2 your favorite chair or any other furniture, because that is the place most associated with the owner of a cat. Therefore, the owners of the cats have to, often enough, to buy new furniture.
5. The cat squeezes legs
This reflex is a cat from childhood, when she drank the milk from the mother. And adults continue shifting legs, especially when they are happy.
6. Gifts
Cats like to bring gifts to the hosts. Usually they bring some animals as gifts. Frogs, mice, bugs — this they share with the owner.
7. Cat game
Cats love to play. And if they play with you, they are very trusted.
8. Sleep
Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day. Please note, at what point she was sleeping — usually this will be your bed or chair.
9. Look
The cat’s eye is very big. If the cat is not afraid to keep a muzzle around you with eyes open (and it is an insecure place), it means that he loves you. One of the higher degrees of confidence.
10. tail
When the cat comes to you with fluff and high tail raised, it means that he loves you and trusts you.
11. Meow
In fact, cats mew not interconnected and do so only in the presence of people to somehow interact with humans.
12. Lick, courting fur
Cats spend a huge amount of time for the care of their fur. They also lick each other if friendly. A cat that licks its master, also exhibit a high degree of friendliness.
13. Males mark territory
Males in their territory leave their scent, highlighting a little urine.
14. Raising the tail at the owner’s head
The hosts cats often notice for their pets this behavior: cat jumps up on my knees and palms off his tail raised towards the man’s head. It is also a kind of cat mark. Cats this «rite» Sroda human handshake.

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