Cute Cats sleep pictures. Why the cat lies on a sick man’s place? -2

Cute Cats sleep pictures. Why the cat lies on a sick man’s place? -2




Why the cat lies on a sick man’s place? -2

4. To enhance immunity
If every day to listen to a cat purring, running on a frequency of 4 — 16 Hz, this is a positive impact on immunity. Scientists suggest that purring is similar to ultrasound treatment that speeds healing, growth and strengthening of bones. Persian cats can relieve joint pain and osteoarthritis symptoms.

5. To increase life expectancy
Scientists of the Institute of Gerontology investigated the effect of cats on the life expectancy of their respective owners and came to the conclusion that people who all their lives were held in the house cat live on average 10.3 years longer than those who did not have a cat. Cat owner have blood pressure readings and better cholesterol levels were lower.

6. Cat and acupuncturists
Cats can also act as «acupuncturist» when they get on the host and Murch, release claws, that irritate the reflex zones, as in the present session of acupuncture. This method of treatment has long been used in folk medicine.

7. Cats as the energy information unit
Bioenergy believe that the cat — a true energy information unit. In their view, if the cat is often rests on the head of his master, he is likely to hypertension or a tendency to headaches. If the favorite rests on the left shoulder or arm, it speaks to the heart problems. Cat falls on the back, if the «feel» of kidney problems, his feet — if the owner suffers a reduced pressure or often cold.

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