Cute cat with kittens pictures. Why do cats purr?

Cute cat with kittens pictures. Why do cats purr?




Why do cats purr?

It is hard to imagine without a cat purring. Sometimes, of course, that the cat is not very often purrs due to the peculiarities of his character — and that we already seem abnormal. It is with a feline purr we associate home comfort and peace.

If the cat is in a beatific bliss and purrs, it’s a sure sign that the person is not only her, but also in your home all right. These cute cat sounds our ears cause us a lot of positive emotions.

What they want to say their cats purr? Yes, just the fact that they enjoy a happy life and human communication with them.

Interesting fact — cats of all breeds and ages, emit rumbling sounds with the same frequency — 25 cycles per minute.

Purring in cats in the blood. Once the cats are born, they begin to purr. At the same time, rumbling and sucking breast milk occur simultaneously reassuring the kitten and its mother. When the cat wants to show the kittens, they are safe, she purrs.

At maturing kitten murchanie may sound like a call to the game — is not it like a child’s play? A small representative of the cat family invites their «peers» to run errands or fun cooperative games.

When we are excited about something, sometimes listening to quiet music, to somehow relax. To seal such soothing music is — his own purring.

Purring — it is also a kind of language of communication. In this way, the cat can even soothe each other, or, in the case of any conflict, try to cajole, to keep the opponent from the fight. Just uncomplicated «song», and how much benefit to themselves and others!

If you put your ear to the different places purring cat, the rumbling sound is heard everywhere with equal force. In fact, we are and no matter what and how a cat purrs. Well, after all?

Until now, scientists and koshkolyuby debate on the topic of how the mechanism of purring in cats.

One theory says that this is due to the vibrations of the false vocal cords, which are about the present.

Another suggestion — purring arises due to fluctuations in the lungs of cats.

Interesting and theory, which says that the blood circulation in the vessels of cats — is the cause vibration in the chest and windpipe. These vibrations felt in the sinus of the skull, with the result that appears murchanie.

Out of phase reducing throat muscles and diaphragm — this is the third theory.

The most common opinion today shows why purr as the result of rhythmic oscillations in the cats throat.

Be careful when cats purr not only to calm, sometimes a signal cats disease. No, she does not want to warn you about her illness, she was so treated.

It is no secret that when we pat the cat, or it fall on us or next, we will stabilize the pressure, leaving a headache …. But if a cat purring and thus, the chances to improve their health have increased.

Purring — a vibration, which somehow miraculously beneficial effect on the cat, and on our bodies. Therefore murlykalka for cats — it is also a kind and a first aid kit.

Purring may vary according to the degree of intensity and enthusiasm. It can express a range of emotions cat. Try to carefully observe your pet purring, and then, most likely, you will begin to understand more of it.

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