Cute animals with their babies. Interesting facts about animals

Cute animals with their babies. Interesting facts about animals




What animals can sleep standing up?
Horses, cows, elephants, giraffes and some other large mammals can sleep standing up because of the special structure of the knee joint, the bones of which, «locked» in a certain position and allow the animal to relax the rest of the body muscles. This behavior is due to evolutionary reasons: from a standing position, you can immediately embark on a run in case of danger from predators. But if the listed animals feel safe, they can sleep and lying, reaching total relaxation and deep sleep phase. Another example learned to sleep standing up, with only one leg, and right in the water, are the flamingos.

Which country has a law forbidding to keep the house only one guinea pig?
Switzerland has a law prohibiting keep as a pet only one guinea pig, because of their sociality. However, in case of death of one guinea pig lawful owner should buy it a few risks and thus fall into an endless loop. To solve this problem there is a rental service guinea pigs — you can buy an animal at the regular price and get it for half the price at any time.

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