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Cute animals pictures. Funny Cats and Dogs

 Funny Cats and Dogs, Interesting

Funny Cats and Dogs, Interesting




Why should we often watch videos about cats?
Watch funny videos with cats in the title role — not a waste of time, sure Psychologists at the University of Indiana (USA). The effect of this in many ways comparable to the effect of animaloterapiya — adds vitality and eliminates the negative emotions.
«Even if people are watching video with cats to kill time at work, the emotional charge of such a class can later help them cope with difficult tasks,» — said study author Jessica Goal Myrick, associate professor at Indiana University. To learn how to change the emotional state of people after watching videos of cats, Jessica survey of nearly 7,000 people. It was found that such rolls have the same effect as that therapy involving animals. After viewing the volunteers appeared positive attitude, they feel more enthusiasm and tend to experience less anxiety and irritation. «Some may think that the rollers with cats — enough serious subject for scientific research, but the fact that these animals are today’s most popular video content on the Internet — says Jessica Myrick goal. — If we want to better understand the impact that the Internet has on us today, researchers can no longer ignore the Internet-cats. » It is known that about 45% of YouTube users publish on video clips c participation of their pets, and often this is the video with the cats. In 2014, on YouTube it was taken about 2 million videos of cats, which together raised about 26 billion views.


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