Cute amusing dog. The restaurant is open for dogs in…

London restaurant offers a menu for dogs

The Bluebird London restaurant, located in the city center, serves not only for people, but for dogs.

For a pet you can order soup for 6,5 dollar hamburger — for $ 10. In a special dog menu includes lamb chops with mashed potatoes and pasta «penne» with bacon. From drinks Cocktails «Hair of the Dog» (Guinness beer with milk) for $ 6.

Cute amusing dog. Interesting facts

Cute amusing dog. Interesting facts

In addition, pampered pets can enjoy dog biscuits and other dry food. The four-legged visitors eat in the open air in the courtyard of the restaurant.

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According to veterinarians, the dog must eat special food because human food can harm them. As an exception, sometimes you can feed the dog chop with potatoes, but to do so you can not rule.

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Cute amusing dog. Interesting facts

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