Cats with an unusual color. As the cat sees the world?

Cats with an unusual color. As the cat sees the world?




As the cat sees the world?

The fact that the cat sees in the dark, have heard everything. This is not entirely true, but still, the cat eye is arranged wonderfully.

Compared to other pets, she has the largest eyes relative to body size. Their location allows the cat to see not only ourselves, but also to the sides.

Thanks to this arrangement of eyes, the cat can accurately determine the distance to any object!
The iris is arranged in such a way that, in the bright light, the pupil of a cat’s eye is narrowed vertically and takes the shape of an ellipse. Due to this, the cat’s eye never gets more light,
than is necessary for vision.

Cats distinguish primary colors, but not their shades.

They are much better see objects in motion than fixed. Cats Eye color can range from pale gold to blue.

cat’s eye structure allows them to see in the dark. But not in the dark. A cat can catch her beautiful vision slightest light.

It is enough to catch even the faintest ray of light reflected from the subject, and she sees this thing. Man is not able to.

Cats to see enough light 1/6 needed us.

Their night vision is amazing! The cat-eye darkness even uses light reflected from the retina of her. Wrong many people think that cats see perfectly in the dark due to the fact that their eyes light up.

But they glow so that they are able to accumulate in itself reflected light. Such are the light batteries:)


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