Cute funny cats pictures. What do cats like the most?

Cute funny cats pictures. What do cats like the most?





What do cats like the most?

Like any living thing, cats also have their own preferences, which may be expressed in a rather conventional forms and no. Of course, most humming love that carries a positive emotion — good food and care, tenderness and affection, and much more. But there is something that they love cats and it has not prevented all used to know — and to those who already have at this pet at home, and those who are only going to get them.

First of all I must say that cats really love bargains. This means that any area where there is a ray of sun or artificial heat directly attracts the animal to him. Hence, it would seem, a wild pet preference to the computer or laptop keyboard — it is warm, do the owners do not know it? It is also the case with comfortable sofas, armchairs and beds, window sills and radiators, so it is not necessary each time to drive with them so comfortably ensconced animal.

Another cat is very love, sharing food, namely, they love to eat when doing it their home. By the way, try eating with the master’s table, they, too, will not give up for any reason, except that it will do something inedible.

Very fond of cats have shiny, clean and comb fur. It should be understood that the animal is wayward and therefore to carry with him different procedure (combing hair, untangling mats, etc.), you have to catch the right moment. This means that the cat should be allowed to do all the manipulations, and not be a victim of experiments.

What love cats else besides the above? Well, probably, rare cat refuses to try on a clove flower home, especially if placed on the window sill. Especially pet will fall to taste sweet, young shoots, which she then certainly srygnet on the carpet. Do not rush her favorite curse — it is possible that it lacks a certain vitamin or trace element.

Very fond of cats have a dry, clean and always accessible toilet. And this applies not only to the «apartment» for pets, but also on those who have access to the street.

Can not a cat already, not to climb to the top of the furniture, do not climb the curtains, do not sharpen claws on the couch and wallpaper without polavirovat «uzhik» between fragile things (crystal vases, glasses etc.).

Very, very unhappy cat will be, if it will interfere with sleep. And let sleeping lasts 3-4-5 hours — so what? Has she the right to their leisure time? And well, if at this point in the house quiet, friendly atmosphere and quite possibly sounds quiet singing (cats are fond of peace and quiet).
All must come to know the house guests that like a cat — is usually not discussed.

This means that they will certainly bring the animal something tasty and will not, once again stick with tenderness until the cat they do not allow myself.

But most of all cats, even though they are a breed, are very fond of occasionally catch a mouse or a low-flying bird, play with a ball or a small ball of paper. That is why the number of «gaming» sessions with the host or with other cats every day, well, just not to be missed very graceful and beautiful animals — it is necessary to maintain its shape, let the home, but this predator?

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