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This Family Went From Having No Kids To Having Five For A Heartwarming Reason

For Julie and Will Rom, conceiving a child of their own just wasn’t a possibility.

But with so much love in their hearts and a desire to give unconditional love to children, the couple made the decision to become foster parents. Over the course of 10 years, they saw many children walk in and out of their lives as the kids’ biological parents did what they had to do to get them back. But last month, a chain of events left them with the big family they always wanted.

The Roms fostered kids named Will and Truth back in 2014…

Featured Animal: Bloodhound

You Definitely Aren't Prepared For The Cuteness This Girl And Her Poodle Will Bring

If you grew up with a dog by your side, you’ve likely shared many sweet moments together that you enjoy looking back on from time to time.
Simply put, dogs are amazing companions, and for some people, their pups are their first best friends. One little Japanese girl is making memories right now with her three furry siblings, one of whom holds a very special place in her heart. Get ready for a wave of nostalgia about your first childhood pet, because the bond this adorable toddler has with her favorite pup is almost too cute for words.

Meet one-year-old…

Ever Wonder What Happens When A Sea Lion Dreams? Wonder No More!

One of my favorite things in the world is when my dog has a dream.
I love to watch his little paws move as his dream self chases a rabbit or runs an agility course or whatever it is that he’s got happening up in his brain. I guess I don’t think that much about other animals dreaming, but it definitely happens. The Dudley Zoo in Great Britain recently released a pretty adorable video of a Patagonian sea lion twitching and making noises in its sleep. They also informed everyone that sea lions actually are pretty unique when it comes…

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