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Seeing This Bear Up Close Was Amazing…Right Up Until It Opened Their Car Door

It’s a little known fact that bears are considered some of the smartest land animals in all of North America. And if this clever bear is anything to go by, we can see why.
One family in North Carolina was able to capture the unbelievable moment a giant black bear opened their car door and jumped inside. After sniffing about for any signs of food and coming up empty pawed, the bear exited the vehicle and carried on about its day.

The car’s owners are still shocked about how this all unfolded so casually. The bear just wanted a snack!…

Let's Just Say The Guys Who Cut Down This Tree Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do

In my neck of the woods, reliable tree trimmers are few and far between, and I’m pretty sure the same is true for this town.

And sure, plenty of people are bad at their jobs, but not everyone’s lack of skill can lead to total disaster. Video from this particular scene captures the two men hacking and hammering away at the ginormous tree with reckless abandon. Throwing all that physics nonsense to the wind, they paid no mind to the fact that the tree would probably fall on someone’s home…which it did.

Pictured below are the culprits. They had no…

He's Furious That He And His Son Were Kicked Off A Plane, But Was It Justified?

You probably remember that harrowing day in elementary school each year when the school nurse checked students’ hair for lice.
Most of the time things went according to plan, but if you were seriously unlucky, you were called aside by the nurse and told that you had a buggy situation going on.Far outside of the classroom, one father is absolutely furious after his young son was forced to endure a lice check in the middle of an airport. But did the airline have a point?

Clay Travis is best known as a Fox Sports analyst and lawyer, but the airport…

This Family Went From Having No Kids To Having Five For A Heartwarming Reason

For Julie and Will Rom, conceiving a child of their own just wasn’t a possibility.

But with so much love in their hearts and a desire to give unconditional love to children, the couple made the decision to become foster parents. Over the course of 10 years, they saw many children walk in and out of their lives as the kids’ biological parents did what they had to do to get them back. But last month, a chain of events left them with the big family they always wanted.

The Roms fostered kids named Will and Truth back in 2014…

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