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This Thread About Butternut Squash Is The Comic Relief You Didn't Know You Needed

One of the reasons why I like going out in public is, well, I have a guilty pleasure of listening in on other people’s drama.
And I’m not the only person who feels that way. Many Twitter users love live-tweeting arguments or entertaining encounters that happen around them while they’re out and about. That’s what James Dator did when he took a trip to the store last weekend and was treated with the sight of a man confusing two very different types of food for each other and getting increasingly upset in the process. Read the hilarious and tragic saga…

Featured Animal: Bavarian Mountain Hound

Reporter Comes Up With Truly Hilarious Ways To Distract Herself While Getting A Shot

When I was younger, I got poked and prodded all the time, so I’m not scared of needles.
For some people, though, it’s a real phobia. It’s easy for someone like me to say that they should just «get over it,» but that fear can really run deep. Frances Wang is a news reporter in California who absolutely hates needles. When she had to go to the doctor and receive an injection, she had a friend film a video of the ordeal.

She tries to distract herself by asking the people around her what they think of «Game of Thrones,»…

She Said She Lost Her Unborn Baby After A Shooting, But The Truth Is So Bizarre

On July 8, 21-year-old Cheyanne Willis was in the middle of a gender reveal party for her baby when two men walked into the Cincinnati home and starting shooting at the guests.
One woman died on the scene and a majority of the guests were also shot and wounded. Ohio police don’t know who the gunmen are or why they did what they did, but they are saying that they’ve wasted time chasing false leads. They also revealed something shocking about the supposed mom-to-be.

Willis’ cousin, 22-year-old Autum Garrett was shot and killed at the party. Eight other people, including…

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