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Heroic Soldiers Step In To Save A Woman Who..

One of the ways we can prevent sexual assault is by stepping in when we see something suspicious.
That’s exactly what Staff Sgt. Anthony Ciccariello Jr., Sgt. James Smith and Spc. Evan Lipp did when off-duty at a bar in Watertown, New York, saving a young woman from an attacker. “I noticed the two males had the female on one of the couches and they were molesting her,” Lipp said. “I noticed that she was barely conscious. It didn’t look right.” Using their Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention training, the three men decided to step in and get the woman…

She Walked Around With A Black Eye And…

It’s hard to know what the best thing to do is when we see someone in need of help.
I never want to pry into someone’s personal life without permission, and this cultural attitude can be a good thing, but it can also make us more likely to become bystanders. One mom’s ordeal with a black eye confirmed that she needed to speak out and tell her story in hopes of saving someone else’s life.

Siobhan Rennie walked around for a week with a black eye, and she noticed that people looked at her awkwardly. No one ever asked if…

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This Photo Looks Normal Until You…

When Belfast Live recently created a historical gallery of long-gone jobs in Belfast, Ireland, writers didn’t see the creepy secret in one of the pictures.
Taken in 1900, the photo shows female workers from a linen factory gathered for a group shot. Nothing about it seemed special or extraordinary at first. However, one of the website’s readers, whose grandmother is in the picture, pointed out something strange and possibly paranormal.

See anything that shouldn’t be in this photo?

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How about now?

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