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16 Super-Eerie Photos From Underwater Shipwrecks

How would you like to explore an underwater shipwreck? With these 16 photos, there’s no wet suit required to see the eerie debris scattered across our ocean’s floor.
The sight of underwater shipwrecks have always creeped me out. It’s unsettling to see something that used to be full of human life taken over by salty water and sea creatures. From motorcycles to tanks, photographers have captured incredible underwater sights that most people never get to see. Take a look.

1. Some shipwrecks are underwater for decades or even centuries before they are discovered.

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2. Others, like the SS…

LED Could Be Used to Purify Water in Remote Areas

There has been continuous research to find ways of purifying water for families and residents in remote areas. Interestingly, a study has created a light-emitting diode (LED) foil that uses portable ultraviolet light to purify water. It is created on a lightweight and flexible metal foil which could be easily carried around.

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