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Featured Animal: Ocelot

This Little Boy Can't Wait To Be A Big Brother!

«Is it in your belly? Just now?»
Is it just me or is anything said in a British accent 100 times more adorable than usual? Add in a five-year-old little boy who can’t wait to be a big brother, and the cuteness is off the charts! He’s not quite sure how the baby was made or if it’s really in his mom’s belly, but either way, he’s prepared to share his heart and even his bed with the new bundle of joy.

Watch as this little boy gets the best news of his young life. Finally, he’s going to be…

Featured Animal: Monitor Lizard

Filmmaker Bio


John Downer, Wildlife Director, Producer.

Following an early interest in wildlife, John Downer studied Zoology at Swansea University. He combined this knowledge with a passion for photography. He started his professional career in the BBC Natural History Unit in 1981. Many of the innovative and award-winning programmes he made at that time pioneered many of the techniques that are now used in Natural History programmes today.

He made his name with the ground-breaking film “In-flight Movie” which invented many revolutionary ways to film flying birds.

This was followed by his first series “Supersense” that looked at the incredible senses of animals. This achieved a UK audience of 13.5 million and won numerous awards. This generated interest from the commercial and feature film world and he left the Natural history Unit to direct commercials and write a screenplay, which was subsequently bought by Island Pictures.

Under his own Independent company, John Downer Productions, he made the video “Digging in the Dirt” for Peter Gabriel, which immediately won a Grammy for its innovative techniques.

As well as making over 10 high budget commercials including campaigns for Peugeot and BMW, John made two hugely successful series: “Supernatural” and “Weird Nature” for the BBC and Discovery. These pushed the boundaries of what was possible in wildlife films and both won many awards including an EMMY nomination for Best Director.

John also developed the highly successful “Spy” wildlife brand, which used remote camera technology to take the audience into the animal’s world. These programs consistently gained the highest approval ratings for any programs on the BBC in the years they were transmitted. “Elephants – Spy in the Herd” was followed by “Bears – Spy in the Woods” and then the hugely successful “Tigers – Spy in the Jungle”. These programs soon became global hits reaching over 100 million viewers.

The “Spy” technology was upgraded to High definition for “Pride” a feature length drama featuring talking lions for the BBC, ProSeiben and A&E. This EMMY nominated drama featured the voices of Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Robbie Coltrane and many other A-list stars.

John followed these successes with the innovative 2-part series “Swarm” and he also directed a video for Massive Attack (Psyche).

Over the 2010 Christmas period “Polar Bear – Spy on the Ice” went out to an audience of 5.5 million people in the UK to huge acclaim. Among other awards, the Royal Television Society Craft & Design gave it an award for the most innovative program across the whole of British Television for the year.

The 2012 series, Earthflight (AKA Winged Planet), used many new techniques to film birds from the air as they travel across the world. Among many awards, this acclaimed six-part extravaganza for the BBC recently won an Emmy for its innovative photography. It was shown in its entirety on PBS in late summer 2013.


In 2013, the 3-part Spy adventure – Penguins: Spy in the Huddle went out just after Christmas to an extraordinary UK audience of over 9 million.


Earthflight 3D, a 90’ special, was completed towards the end of 2013 and shown on 3Net and Arte over the Christmas period.


On the 2nd of January the 2-part Dolphin – Spy in the Huddle went out on the BBC to an audience of over 7 million and huge critical acclaim.


At the 2014 Wildscreen Panda Awards, John Downer was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award.


On the 21st January 2015, Pets – Wild at Heart was shown on the BBC and achieved a consolidated average figure of 4.2M on the first programme and 4.5M on the second. Pets – Wild at Heart has gained critical acclaim and won numerous awards including Best Editing and Best Composer in the RTS West of England Awards plus the Design & Craft Innovation Award at the national RTS Craft Awards.


Snow Chick – A Penguin’s Tale was shown on the BBC on 23rd December 2015 and viewed by over 6 million people across the Christmas period. Narrated by Oscar winner Kate Winslet, it was both immensely popular and critically acclaimed.





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