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This Guy’s Magic Tricks Just Keep Getting Crazier..

David Blaine’s magic is so good, it’s a little unsettling. He’s been frozen in a block of ice, buried alive, and has somehow managed to escape from impossible situations, all without explanation.
Recently, Blaine stopped by «The Tonight Show» to share some magic tricks with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. At first, it appears that he’s going to stick to simple card tricks, but the audience is in for a huge (and kind of gross) surprise.

With every trick, things get a little bit crazier. Just when you think the performance is coming to an end, Blaine pulls off an…

Featured Animal: Labrador Retriever

The Kissing Bug May Look Harmless, But Its Bite Can Kill You

While spiders freak us all out, they typically do a good job of warning us to keep our distance.
But unlike scary-looking arachnids, there are some seriously dangerous insects out there that seem perfectly safe until they bite. Take Triatominae insects, for example. Also known as kissing bugs, these critters don’t look like much. However, they can transmit a deadly disease that often isn’t detected until it’s too late.

Kissing bugs can be found all over America, with some species in Asia, Africa, and Australia. They like to live in chicken coups and outdoor dog houses as well as under…

Featured Animal: Starfish

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