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Cops Were Too Quick To Judge When They Shot…

On December 12, 73-year-old dementia sufferer Francisco Serna left his home in Bakersfield, California, for a late-night stroll. Minutes later, he was confronted by police and shot seven times. Serna died on the scene.
According to reports, police went to Serna’s neighborhood to investigate resident claims of an armed man wandering the streets. When they arrived, Serna approached the officers with his hand in his jacket pocket. Confused and shaken, he ignored police demands to stop walking and raise his hands. Clearly, Serna was unable to cope with the situation due to his dementia, but what happened next was simply…

Arctic Fox Dive Bombs Prey Hidden in the Snow

With acute senses the arctic fox can hear lemmings under the snow.  To catch one he uses a special pouncing technique known as ‘moussing’. But moussing isn’t always easy-–especially for a beginner!

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Heroic Soldiers Step In To Save A Woman Who..

One of the ways we can prevent sexual assault is by stepping in when we see something suspicious.
That’s exactly what Staff Sgt. Anthony Ciccariello Jr., Sgt. James Smith and Spc. Evan Lipp did when off-duty at a bar in Watertown, New York, saving a young woman from an attacker. “I noticed the two males had the female on one of the couches and they were molesting her,” Lipp said. “I noticed that she was barely conscious. It didn’t look right.” Using their Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention training, the three men decided to step in and get the woman…

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