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funny animals pictures #funny #animals #pictures   During the day, bird feeds its chicks thousand times. In ancient Egypt, the main pests of fields considered not beetles and even locusts, and hippos …. The female armadillo has a unique ability. When stressful situations it can delay the birth for up to two years. Attacking their […]

Funny animals

Funny animals #Funny #animals From one ostrich eggs can make eleven and a half omelets. The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible — a cat. Adult kit for 2 seconds inhales 2400 liters of air. If the bat has heard your cry, she lotsiruetsja, unrecognized, it would be deaf. Therefore, before the emission […]

Funny animals

Funny animals #Funny #animals #Funny #animals Chameleons can throw out his tongue at a distance equal to half the length of the torso. In addition, his eyes are able to rotate independently of each other, so the chameleon can look in all directions at the same time without moving his head. Electricity South American electric […]

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