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Cute cats and dogs

Cute amusing dog. The restaurant is open for dogs in…

London restaurant offers a menu for dogs The Bluebird London restaurant, located in the city center, serves not only for people, but for dogs. For a pet you can order soup for 6,5 dollar hamburger — for $ 10. In a special dog menu includes lamb chops with mashed potatoes and pasta «penne» with bacon. […]

Funny playful kittens. Interesting facts about cats

If the cat lay on her back, showing his belly — it is a sign of confidence in the presence of animals or humans. After the stomach — this is the most vulnerable spot in the cat.

Cute dogs pictures. 5 things about dogs, you might not know

5 things about dogs, you might not know 1. Not all dogs are equally intelligent Dogs can be smart as 2-year-old child: it says research presented at the 2009 meeting of the American Psychological Association. Collie capable of understanding up to 200 words, in the lead in the ranking intellectuals dogs and poodles, German shepherds, […]

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