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Fried pies «Bombs» choux dough on kefir

  You will need: For the dough: • Flour — 3.5 cups • yogurt (low-fat can be), buttermilk or whey, dripped-off with cottage cheese — 1 cup • Vegetable oil — 4 tbsp. spoons • Sugar — 2 tsp (or a little more depending on kislosti kefir). • Salt — 1 tsp. For filling: • […]

melting triangles

  Do not bake in any case. Do not stop until Vse not eat. And most importantly, in the hand yourself jump. Infection, no other word podberesh. And no wonder they booklet of recipes school «Cordon Bleu» called Melting triangles -tayut mouth and plate. work at least 10 minutes of baking, and beautiful — quite […]

Hot sandwiches fan

Ingredients: White bread — 250 g Sausage sausage — 250 g hard cheese — 130 g Fresh Tomato — 300g Butter — 100 g Milk — 30 g Egg — 1 pc. Salt and pepper — to taste

Rolls «Cordon Bleu» in a creamy sauce

  Ingredients: Chicken breast (fillet) 2 pcs. Ham 150g. Cheese 150gr. Cream (20 — 33%) 100 ml. Garlic cloves 3 Greens (chopped) 1 tbsp Vegetable oil for frying Salt and pepper to taste

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