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Squid salad

  Ingredients: — 1 kg of squid, — 3 boiled eggs, — 2 fresh cucumber, — 1 small onion, — Sour cream, salt to taste. Squid salad Preparation: 1. Squid cleaned from the top of the film (that it was easier to do, it is necessary to douse them with hot water). 2. Then put […]

0% fat. Dietary «Caesar»

on 100gramm — 100.72 calories Ingredients: Chicken Breast 350g Rye bread 100 g What is your favorite lettuce (iceberg we) 100g Cherry tomatoes 3-4 piece. (65g) Quail eggs 4 pcs. (40 g) chicken or 1 Parmesan 30 g Salt and pepper to taste mix   0% fat. Dietary «Caesar» For the filling: Unsweetened yogurt 1 […]

Vegetable salad with mozzarella, sesame dressing

Ingredients: Olive oil 3 tablespoons 1 tablespoon honey Lemon juice 1 tsp Mustard 1 teaspoon Herbs of Provence to taste Sesame seeds 1 tablespoon Tomatoes 2 pieces Cucumbers 2 pieces Mozzarella cheese 100g 1 bunch green salad

Salad «Carousel.»

  Ingredients: 1 medium onion 0.5 cans of corn 200-250gr.koreyskoy carrots 150-200gr.kopchenoy chicken breast 1 package of crackers

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