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SALAD WITH CORN COOK INGREDIENTS: Liver of cod 1 can of 250 g Potatoes 3 pcs. Eggs 3 pcs. Carrots 12 pieces. Processed cheese 100 g Apple 1 pc. Bow green 1 beam Walnuts 30 g Lemon juice to taste Mayonnaise up to 100 ml

Salad recipes with photo: Tasty salad

Salad recipes with photo: Tasty salad Ingredients Potatoes 300 g Beet 300 g Carrots 300 g Eggs 4 pcs. Small onion 1 pc Cheese 150 g Mayonnaise 300 ml Salt to taste Green onions for decoration

«Lily of the Valley» salad

«Lily of the Valley» salad

salad of carrots and beets

salad of carrots and beets. LEAN Fresh carrots 1-2 pieces Beet 1 piece (if desired, can boil, but you can use raw) Prunes 100 grams Dried apricots 100 grams Raisins 100 grams Apple sweet 1 piece Nuts 100 grams Honey for filling

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