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Vegetable salad with tuna

2 fresh cucumber 4 pomidra 1 jar of canned beans 1 small sweet onion, blue Juice of half a lemon Olive oil to taste Salt, pepper, Italian herbs to taste Optionally, you can add the bell peppers and black olives, pitted

Low calories Salad with chicken and Chinese cabbage

  Ingredients 300 grams of chicken; 300 grams of tomato; 150 grams of cheese; 400 grams of Chinese cabbage; Salt, lemon juice, black pepper, sour cream.

Dietsry English salad

  Ingredients: Celery root — 200gr Chicken fillet — 250g Mushrooms — 150g Pickled cucumbers — 3pc Natural yogurt — 6-7 tbsp Mustard — 2 tsp Salt and black pepper

Fitness food. 6 ideas for delicious salads, protein-rich

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