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MEXICAN CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH LIME The products are designed for a detachable shape with a diameter of 22 cm. Ingredients: For biscuit: 5 eggs 100 g of flour 30 g cocoa powder 50 g of butter 50 ml of milk 140 g of sugar 1 pinch of salt For ganache: 125 ml of milk 1 […]

Beautiful and delicious: Cake «Turtle»

Beautiful and delicious: Cake «Turtle» Ingredients: — 6 proteins — 6 yolks — a glass of sugar — 2 cups of flour — 1 tsp of soda or baking powder Cream: — 750 g of sour cream — 1 t of sugar

Fitness salad for a delicious dinner

Fitness salad for a delicious dinner Ingredients: Chicken breast boiled (280 g) 1 cucumber 1 tomato 1 sweet pepper 2-3 tablespoons of corn canned 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt Salt, pepper to taste dill Preparation: 1. Cucumber chop fine slices, add to a salad bowl. 2. Cut chicken fillets into fibers, add to cucumbers. 3. […]

Salad for weight loss «Broom»

Salad for weight loss «Broom» A wonderful salad, like a broom sweeps out of the body slag and brings great benefits. This is an incredibly useful dish — a wonderful tool to clean the intestines, great for days of rest Ingredients: Cabbage — 100 Grams Carrot — 1 piece Apple — 1 piece Beet — […]

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