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Sour cream cake with fruit

Sour cream cake with fruit INGREDIENTS: Sour cream 500 g Cookie cracker 300 g Chocolate 200 g Powdered sugar 150 g Gelatine 30 g Jelly 1 pack fruit

Cake «Paris-Brest»

Cake «Paris-Brest» Brewed dough + strawberry + cream cream = very good result! Ingredients: Brewed dough: 200 g of cold water 100 g of butter 1 tbsp. L. Sahara a pinch of salt 150 g of flour 4 eggs 1-2 tbsp. L. Almond petals Strawberry Filling 200 g of strawberry puree 70 g. Strawberries, cut […]

Diet Carrot cake

Diet Carrot cake You will need: (On a shape 18 cm in diameter): For the test: — 250 g carrots grated on a fine grater, — 150 ml of vegetable oil, odorless, — 2 eggs, — 1 tbsp (240 ml) of flour, — 1 tbs sugar, — 1 hr baking powder, — 2/3 hl of […]

Cake without baking with mango or banana

Cake without baking with mango or banana Ingredients: For the basis, we need: 100 gr of almonds 100 g of dates 30 g of coconut chips Vanillin to taste For filling: 130 grams of raw cashew nuts (pre-soaked overnight in water) 100 ml of cream 15% 30 ml of coconut oil 200 gr of pulp […]

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