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Home noodles with chicken

  Fans of pasta agree that homemade noodles can not be compared with the store. This home-made noodles handmade incredibly tasty, kneaded only flour and eggs without any chemical additives, as they say, «with soul and love.» Many do not want to mess with the preparation of home-made noodles, knowing the «steepness» of the test, […]

Fish soup with peas

  Ingredients: Potatoes are not big — 1-2 pieces. Carrots — 1 pc. Onions — 1 pc. Peas — 2-3 tbsp. l. Canned fish 1 b. (Without tomato!) Or fresh fish — 300 g Water — 2 liters Vegetable oil for frying Salt, pepper, bay leaf, parsley — to taste

Potato gratin with meat — simply delicious!

  Ingredients: -kartofel 500-700 gr. -myasnoy beef 500-700 g. be two medium onions -100 Gr. hard cheese or sour cream -50 G of butter -pomidory -hydrochloric, vegetable oil for frying.

Low calories Cheese soup with chicken

  40kkal 100g Ingredients: 400g chicken 2 potatoes 1 large carrot 180g cream cheese 2 liter broth or water greenery bay leaf, allspice pepper salt pepper

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