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Grilled salmon with skewers

Grilled salmon with skewers Ingredients: 8 pieces 900 g of salmon cut into slices 3-4 lemons 3 tablespoons olive oil salt and pepper For the sauce «Dzadziki» 2 cups of yogurt 1 cucumber, thinly chopped Juice of 1 lemon 3 cloves garlic, squeeze out 2 tablespoons of dill salt and pepper

Baked mackerel

Baked mackerel The easiest recipe for mackerel. Fish is prepared simply, quickly, but it turns out very tasty. I advise you to cook the baked mackerel. You will need: Mackerel freshly frozen 3 pcs. Mustard 3 tsp Mayonnaise 3 tsp. Salt to taste

Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon 2 steak red fish 200 g 1 tbsp. l soy sauce 100 ml pineapple juice 0.5 h. L sugar 1 tbsp. l dry white wine freshly ground white pepper to taste herbs for decoration vegetable oil for baking

Braised squid with mushrooms

on 100gramm — 65.42 kcal Ingredients: Squid 300g Mushrooms 200 g Onion 1 pc. Salt and pepper to taste Fresh herbs to taste

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