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Salad for weight loss

47.96 g per 100 kcal To prepare the salad will need to lose weight: Carrot fresh -2 pieces Fresh juicy apple — 1 pc. Sweet pepper — 2 pieces A bunch of dill Low-calorie yogurt or other dietary dressing (fat content of not more than 3%)

Fitness Recipes. Protein roll

Ideal for dinner 100g / 73 kcal Composition: Eggs — 1 pc Protein yaytsa- 2 pcs Milk — 50g Chicken breast — 100g Onions — 1 piece (average) Bulgarian pepper — 1/2 pieces Salt and pepper — to taste

0 calories. Frittata with chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes

on 100gramm — 75.32 kcal Ingredients: Eggs 4 pcs. Mushrooms 6 pcs. Small onion 1 piece. Chicken Breast 200g Tomato 1 pc. Green onions

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