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Low calories Casserole with chicken and zucchini

  Ingredients: Chicken breast fillets 2 pieces Courgettes 1 piece Fat cottage cheese 200g Eggs 2 pieces Cream 20% -s’ 100 ml Oltermani Cheese 200 g Wheat flour 2 tablespoons Onions 1 head Garlic cloves 2 Dried oregano to taste Ground black pepper to taste Salt to taste

Low calories chicken fillet baked with tomatoes

  Ingredients: 1kg chicken breasts (fillet) 0.5 kg. tomatoes 70-100 gr. Cheese durum salt spices (black pepper, basil, parsley and continue to taste) vegetable oil for baking

Buckwheat, chicken cutlets

Ingredients: Chicken minced 400 g Buckwheat 100g Onion 1 pc. Egg 1 pc. Soy sauce 2 tbsp. l. Ground black pepper, salt to taste The ground oatmeal 20 g

Chicken breast in cream, yummy

Potatoes 7 pieces Chicken breast 3 pieces Onions 1 head Sour cream to taste Ketchup taste Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste

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