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0% fat. Marble chicken on Dyukanu

on 100gramm — 115.15 calories Ingredients: Chicken fillet — 700 g Sweet paprika (minced) — 1 tbsp Instant gelatin — 30 g Garlic — 3-4 tooth Salt and ground black pepper to taste Green chopped

Chicken fillet stuffed with cheese, ham and pineapple

Ham, pineapple and cheese — a great combination, add to this tender chicken and get a great recipe! Instead of chicken you can use turkey fillet, but beef or pork, for my taste, it is better not to use. Serve rolls can be both whole and cut into pieces. Garnish can be fed rice or […]

Chicken cutlet in French

Ingredients: — 900 g chicken breast breasts — 5 eggs — 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise — 2 tablespoons of flour with a slide — 1/2 bundle of spring onions — Salt pepper — Vegetable oil

0% fat. Great recipe chicken breast for dinner

0% fat. Great recipe chicken breast for dinner on 100gramm — 131.98 calories Ingredients: 400 g chicken fillets 1 egg olive oil salt pepper

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