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Puff cake with condensed milk

Ingredients: flaky yeast dough — 1 package (I have a 470 gr.) butter — 100 gr. condensed milk — half of the banks zest of 1 lemon Walnut Marble-to taste

 Fitness recipes. Protein cake.

To make pancakes, you need the following ingredients: 50-60 grams of chocolate protein; Two separate the protein from the yolks; 40-50 milliliters of water. To prepare the cream take: 150 gr. cottage cheese; 25-30 grams of strawberry protein; A small amount of yogurt;

Simple cake

Dough: 4 small eggs sugar 130g flour 200g soda (to pay off) 1/3 tsp Cocoa 1 tsp no slides any berries to taste a handful Cream: sour cream 150g sugar 2-3 tbsp.

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