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Cottage cheese and fruit cake without baking

Ingredients: cottage cheese 200 g (cottage cheese for the filling is better to take the high fat content, and desirably it through a sieve, so that there was a layer of curd grains.) Sour cream 20% fat — 500g butter — 180 g shortbread — 400g -30 g gelatin sugar — 1 cup Grapes — […]

Cake «Brownie» with cream cheese

  INGREDIENTS: Table measures for Brown butter 150g sugar 150 g 120 g flour 100 g of chocolate 50 g of cocoa eggs 3 pcs. vanillin Cream: cream cheese 200g 160 g white chocolate powdered sugar 100g strawberry puree 50 ml.

Quick cake with chocolate on kefir

  Ingredients: Flour — 3 tbsp. Kefir — 300 ml Eggs — 3 pcs. Butter — 100 g Sugar — 1 tbsp. Soda — 1 u. Cocoa — 50 g Chocolate chips — 100 g

Quick cake for tea

Ingredients: flour (about a half cup) Egg (2 pieces) sugar (one glass) kefir or yogurt (one cup) Cocoa (one tablespoon) butter (one tablespoon) soda (one teaspoon)

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