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Cake «Black Forest» with cherries and chocolate cream

  Ingredients: ● Dark chocolate 100g ● powdered sugar 350 g ● Eggs 8 pieces ● Wheat flour 200g ● 20% -s’ Cream 500ml ● 35% -s’ Cream 680 ml ● Milk 140 ml ● Liquor 75 ml ● Gelatin 1 tablespoon ● Cinnamon 1 piece ● Cocoa powder 2 tablespoons

Cottage cheese and apricot tart with almonds

  Ingredients dough: low-fat cottage cheese 100g butter 80g 150 g flour baking powder 1 h. l. yogurt 50 ml filling: apricots, canned in syrup 300g 200 g of the curd 100 ml cream egg 3 pcs. 150-200 g of sugar vanilla sugar Almonds (handful)

Cheesecake with raspberry and white chocolate

  Ingredients dough: 200 g of the curd butter 100g 230 g flour yogurt 50 ml baking powder 1 h. l. filling: 200 g of the curd egg 3 pcs. 5 tablespoons sugar. l. starch 1 tbsp. l. fresh raspberries (frozen) 300 g white chocolate 50 g

 minimalist cheesecake with blackberry.

  Ingredients Cheese 600gr 9% fat. Eggs 3pc. Milk banks sguschennoё floor. Vanilla bag (1,5gr) Blackcurrant 1stakan (I have frozen since the summer) Starch 2st.lozhki. Sugar 2st.lozhki. 20h25sm form or circular with a diameter of 22cm.

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