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LEMONED CAKE. Very tasty biscuit cake! Very fragrant, tender, not cloying, with sourness … He is self-sufficient and without top cream, but with it is more interesting and tastier. Especially in the form of a heart, with cream roses, a perfect dessert for a loved one. You will need: Lemon biscuit: — 150 grams of […]

Cream-raspberry cake-souffle

Cream-raspberry cake-souffle Delicious jelly, and even in contrast with creamy mousse and chocolate biscuit … Very delicious turns cake! Cooking time: 60 minutes + cooling. Servings: 6-8 pieces. Ingredients: For the test: Eggs — 2 pcs. Sugar — 60 g Flour — 40 g Cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. L. Baking Powder — 0,75 tsp. […]

«Prague» with apricot impregnation and a grilling crumb.

«Prague» with apricot impregnation and a grilling crumb. You will need: On 2 forms 21-22cm. If you do not need a high-sized cake, then divide the ingredients in half. That is, we bake one biscuit for 6 eggs, reduce the cream twice, impregnate (except for two spoons to lubricate the top, they will not change), […]

Cake «Clery»

Cake «Clery» Strawberry confit: 125 g of strawberry puree 65 g of sugar 4 g pectin NH 10 -12 grams of water 110 grams of fresh strawberry slices Almond-coconut biscuit: 1 egg 20 g of sugar (1) 10 g of coconut chips 20 gr of almond flour 1 protein 12 g of sugar (2) 10 […]

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