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CAKE «TORTOISE» I almost swallowed my tongue INGREDIENTS: For the test: Eggs 6 pieces Sugar 2 cups Flour 2 cups Soda 1 teaspoon For cream: Butter 300 gr Sugar 1,5 cups Sour cream 1,5 cups For glaze: Butter 150 gr Sugar 6 tablespoons Cocoa 12 teaspoons


CURRENT CAKS WITH RICE INGREDIENTS: Cottage cheese grainy — 150 Grams Sugar — 120 Grams Butter — 70 Grams Wheat Flour Extra Class — 150 Grams Egg — 2 pieces Baking Powder — 1 Teaspoon (with slide) Raisins — 50-100 Grams Vanilla Sugar — 8 Grams

Honey cake

Honey cake For the dough: 🔸morkov 2 cups 🔸oreh pecans 1 cup 🔸kokosovaya chips 0.5 cups 🔸med 3-4 tbsp For the cream: 🔸keshyu (soaked overnight) 5/1 cup 🔸krasnoe apple 1 pc. 🔸kokosovoe oil 2 tbsp 🔸med 4 tbsp 🔸mindalnoe milk 2 \ 3 cup

Austrian curd-cream cake

Austrian curd-cream cake Very gentle, moderately sweet, with a pleasant hint of citrus on the palate. Curd felt quite clearly. And what I especially liked it, the basis is a soft biscuit. Pleasant in all respects a dessert: delicious, not too complicated and requires quite a bit of time to prepare. I advise! You will […]

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