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Funny pictures of cats

Funny pictures of cats. Interesting facts about cats Why do cats rub against the furniture, table legs, feet? Cats have special glands on the tail, on the sides of the head, on the lips, on the tongue, near the genitals and between his front paws. They use them to mark their territory. When a cat rubs […]

Funny Pictures Cats

Funny Pictures Cats Interesting facts about cats Why do cats purr? Cats purring sounds issue for many reasons. Mother cat purrs her kittens to show that she was there. Kittens meet the same, indicating that everything is in order. Young cats purr to each other, inviting to play. Adult cat purrs, showing that he was […]

Funny cars

Funny cars #Funny #cars In observing the vehicle traveling on some video it seems to us that his wheels spinning back. This is a manifestation of stroboscopic effect due to persistence of vision. You can choose a driving speed to 1/24 of a second in a time (standard duration of one frame of the film) […]

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