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That's One Way To Take A Tooth Out. Dad Ties String To Bird To Pull Child's Tooth.

We all remember as a child going to some pretty outrageous extremes to force a loose tooth out all for the sake of making a few bucks from the Tooth Fairy.
And while most kids resort to the tried and true method of attaching a string to the tooth and slamming a door shut, one father and son in China gave that approach a twist.The man and his son can be seen tying the other end of a strand of string to the foot of their pet parrot, Xiang Xiang. While Dad grabs his camera to start recording, the bird…

What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow? If You Ask This Dad, A Fidget Spinner!

Chances are that if you’re the parent of any small children or pre-teens, your house has already gone fidget spinner crazy.
These addictive toys are marketed as a means for relieving stress, but any parent or teacher can tell you that they’re more of a distraction than anything else. Some schools have even gone as far as banning the spinning toys from their classrooms, and perhaps rightfully so. But as your kids search the web to learn the newest spinner tricks, one dad is showing off how these toys can make everyday tasks, including washing the car, that much more…

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