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This Is The Optical Illusion Tricking You Into Seeing A Human-Sized Frog

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but this viral photo of a 13-pound bullfrog has some people calling bull.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the South Texas Hunting Association’s Facebook page posted a series of images proclaiming that one lucky outdoorsman stumbled upon a 13-pound monster bullfrog at one of their local fishing ponds. Since being posted on the page, the images have been shared over 250,000 times and have left many readers scratching their heads.

Assistant research professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation David Steen was quick to explain the visual phenomenon at play here.

Facebook / South Texas…

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She Was Sad That Her Sister Couldn't Come To Graduation. Then She Opened This Box.

Tami Norton hadn’t seen her sister Brittany since Christmas 2016.

And with her high school graduation fast approaching, Tami was devastated when she discovered that her sister who lived in Arizona would be unable to go to the ceremony. In an attempt to make Tami’s graduation dreams come true, her dad, Tim, arranged it so that Brittany could in fact go to both events. Just before graduation, Tami was caught off guard when a giant wrapped box appeared outside her home.

What she found when she tore into it made her entire day!video-player-present

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