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2018 Acura TLX

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She Washed Her Face In A Stream. Then Doctors Found This Grossness In Her Nose.

Next time you go to take a dip in a stream while hiking, remember this woman’s nasty story.
When a 49-year-old woman went to a hospital in Shenwan, China, earlier this month complaining of nasal discomfort and a nose bleed that had lasted for 10 days, doctors found a seriously gross surprise inside her nose. You see, the woman has a habit of washing her face in a mountain stream. Even though she likely didn’t swallow any of the water, a nasty little critter was still able to make itself at home inside her nostril for months.

When doctors pulled…

Top 10 Convertibles for Summer 2017

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His Intricate Drawings Are So Incredible, They Crawl Right Off The Page!

While I often think of myself as quite the creative person, I really can’t draw.
When it comes time to get my creative juices flowing, even my stick figures could use some work. But for visual artists, creating amazing works is intuitive. What’s even better is that because of social media, we can now appreciate works of art from around the world at the touch of a button. A number of artists are turning to Instagram to showcase their latest creations, including Maine native Visothkakvei.Visothkakvei is no stranger to us here at ViralNova. Just last year we were amazed by…

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