Cake with praline and chocolate mousse

Cake with praline and chocolate mousse


Biscuit (calculated for 1 biscuit)
Eggs — 3 pcs.
Sugar 90 g
Flour — 90 g
Chocolate mousse
Sugar — 70 g
Eggs -2 pcs.
Whipped cream — 250 ml
Dark chocolate — 185 g
Syrup for biscuit impregnation
Syrup from sugar cane — 20 ml
Brown rum — 5 ml
Crispy praline cream
Dark chocolate 60 g
Crispy praline — 125 g
Praline with almonds and hazelnuts (you can use the nutella cream) — 250 g
Bavarian raspberry cream
Raspberry puree — 300 g
Sugar — 75 g
Sheets of gelatin — 2 pcs.
Whipped cream — 120 g
Color glaze
Water 50 g
Sugar — 100 g
Glucose syrup 100 g
Condensed milk with sugar — 65 g
White chocolate — 100 g
Gelatin powder — 8 g
Water for swelling gelatin — 30 g
Red food color (can be replaced with beet juice)
Cake Decor
Dark chocolate for chocolate mesh — 200 g
Sugar or marzipan flowers and ribbons

Cake with praline and chocolate mousse


The first stage is the preparation of a biscuit with a size of 40 * 30 cm

Mix the eggs and sugar to a homogeneous mass with a mixer, then transfer the resulting mass to a water bath (temperature +40 C) and continue whipping with a corolla manually until the mass turns white. Remove from the bath, again to continue beating with a mixer. After finishing the whipping, gently enter the sifted flour and mix everything.

Prepare a baking tray — cover it with a peppermint, put the biscuit dough, smooth it to the size 40 * 30 cm. Bake at a temperature of + 180 ° C for 10-15 minutes. Once the biscuit is ready, take it out of the oven, without removing the parchment, and put it on the grate for cooling. For a praline cake, you need two such biscuits.

A detailed recipe for biscuit …

The second stage is the preparation of chocolate mousse

Prepare all the ingredients for mousse. Mix sugar with 50-100 ml of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. The temperature of sugar syrup should be +121 C — it should be measured with a thermometer.

Eggs should be loosened from the shell, poured into a bowl of a mixer, and whipped. At a low speed of whipping, use a thin trickle of hot sugar syrup, making sure that the egg whites do not fold. Gradually increase the speed of whipping, the egg-sugar mass must cool down during continuous whipping.

Chocolate melt in the microwave, making sure that it does not burn. To introduce still slightly warm and consequently — liquid chocolate in the beaten up eggs with a sugar syrup, to mix in a bowl of a mixer up to homogeneous weight.

The next step is whipping the cream. As soon as the cream is whipped, they should also be carefully inserted into the semi-prepared chocolate mousse.
Cake with praline and chocolate mousse — applying chocolate mousse to the sponge cake
The third stage is the application of chocolate mousse to a biscuit

Sponge cake in a rectangular shape with the sides, place the cooked chocolate mousse on top, level with a spatula, so that the height of the cream layer is approximately 2 cm. Place the cake blank in the refrigerator to freeze the mousse.

The fourth stage is the preparation of a crispy praline
Cake with praline and chocolate mousse — applying a crispy praline
Prepare all the ingredients necessary for praline, which are listed in the list above. Lightly preheat the chocolate glaze, add praline from almonds and hazelnut to it, add a crispy sugar praline and mix to a homogeneous consistency.

Get the billet from the refrigerator for the cake, put on the chocolate mousse the next layer of cream — the prepared mass of crispy praline. Align it with a spatula on the surface, and cover with another layer of biscuit 40 * 30 cm on the top. Using a brush, top the biscuit with a syrup consisting of cane sugar syrup and rum. Again put the semi-finished cake in the refrigerator for cooling.

The fifth stage — the preparation of Bavarian raspberry cream
Cake recipe with praline — cooking Bavarian raspberry cream
Prepare all the ingredients for the cream mentioned above. Sheets of gelatin fill with water to make them swell. Raspberry puree mixed with sugar powder, add swollen and then — well-pressed gelatin from the rest of the water, using a whisk for whipping mix raspberry puree with gelatin until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Slightly warm the mashed potatoes, stirring, so that the gelatin is completely dissolved in the fruit-sugar mass. Allow to cool to +25 ° C.

Introduce a fourth of the whipped cream, gently mix. Add the remaining cream, whisk together the ingredients, the Bavarian raspberry cream obtained put on the second ball of a biscuit soaked in syrup. Align the mass so that its edges coincide with the edges of the edges of the cake mold, remove the excess with a long knife. The semifinished product of the cake is again put in the refrigerator to freeze the Bavarian cream.
Application of Bavarian raspberry cream on the second layer of cake biscuit with praline
The sixth stage — preparation of colored glaze for a cake

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for the glaze, as mentioned above. Gelatin fill with water and dates

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