Bagels with meat


To prepare stuffed bagels (dryers) baked canapés will need:

— 24 bublichka-drying (about 250 grams);

— 0.5 liters of milk;

— 2 small onions;

— 150 grams of vinegar;

— 350 gr. ground beef;

— 0.5 tsp salt;

— A couple pinches of pepper;

— 150 gr. cheese;

— 1 salted or pickled cucumber;

— 3-4 small pieces of fresh tomatoes;

— 100 grams of mayonnaise;

— 3 tbsp vegetable oil.

Bagels with meat

Bagels with meat

Ignore the pub which is present in the image. At first I wanted to experiment with it, but the canapes and so gets high, so the experiment was postponed for later.

Counted the number of bagels put in a bowl and pour hot milk for 20 minutes, until softened. During this time, they turn over a few times to evenly soaked in milk.

Peeled onions finely I cut on slices without disrupting the structure of which, spread the onion into a deep container and pour the vinegar so that the liquid covered rings.

Minced meat I salt and pepper, stir.

On a baking sheet, well-oiled, spread softened drying. On my baking turns «polygon» 6 4, a total of 24. Milk, in which soak drying, use for cooking pancakes with peach puree.

Drain the vinegar with onion rings spread on bagels.

From stuffing I form a mini-burgers, each of which is laid on top of onion rings.

Cheese cut into small square pieces, which lie on top of the meat.

Sliced ​​cucumber slices placed on top.

Now came the tomatoes, cut into thin slices.

The final touch — a drop of mayonnaise. Canape send it in the oven, I had time to dial 170-180 degrees. I bake no more than 25 minutes.

Barely got into the oven, bagels have become hard to hiss. Deciding that something is wrong and opened the oven door, I discovered that the pieces move out of cucumbers and tomatoes on a baking sheet.

Melted cheese turned them up the hill, on a slippery surface which vegetables just slid down. I had pinned canapés wooden toothpicks.

It turns out that cheese should be the final layer. Melt, he «zapakuet» lower lying layers and toothpicks will not be needed.

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