A touching friendship of dogs and cats. Interesting facts about…

A touching friendship of dogs and cats






Interesting facts about …

The strongest examples of heroic devotion to the dogs

Dogs surprised and continue to surprise the person of his unconditional love, devotion and desire to rush to the rescue at any moment. We have assembled a very heroic and touching story many different dogs that have occurred in different countries at different times.

1. Hachiko

The dog Hachiko born November 10, 1923 in the Japanese city of Akita. Shortly after his birth, he was presented to Professor of Medicine, who gave the name of the dog Hachiko, who grew faithful dog who followed everywhere by his master. This amazing dedication of the dog in the future of the breed Akita Inu will make symbols of loyalty and fidelity.

In May 1925, he died of a heart attack the host when Hachiko had turned a half years. Every day the dog came to Shibuya station, as before, and waited for the professor to dusk. Hachiko A slept on the porch of his family home, which was tightly closed …

The dog was not thrown professor relatives. Hachiko trying to attach to the friends of the family, but, despite this, the dog continued to come to the station and wait for his master. Employees of the railway station, local vendors and passers-by who knew the whole story, not tired surprised that devotion.

On the whole Japan Hachiko became famous in 1932 after the publication of the newspaper with the article about this devotional pooch, which is already more than 7 years of waiting for the return of his master died. After that, the crowd of people rushed to the railway station for the purpose of Shibuya to see live this loyal dog.

So I come and Hachiko, wanting to meet his host, until his death. 9 years of faithful dog waiting for the return of the professor. Day Hachiko’s death became a day of mourning for all Japanese.

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