Would You Talk To Your Mom About Sex? She Did And The Results Were So Funny

If there’s one thing that makes me wish for the sweet release of death, it’s the thought of discussing sex with my parents.
I mean, just think about how embarrassing the «birds and bees» talk was with your mom and dad before you even really knew what sex was. Multiply that sense of existential dread by a billion and picture what it’d be like if you discussed the details of your escapades with mom over tea.Well, this brave soul and her equally brave mother decided to sit down and go into full detail about their own sex lives. Oddly enough,…

20 Sassy Puppies Who Are Really Feelin' Themselves On National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day, when we lavish all the love and affection we possibly can on our adorable little pups.
But really, let’s be honest — we spoil the crap out of our fluffy babies pretty much every day of the year. Most puppies get so used to being treated like the royalty they are, in fact, that they develop quite the attitude if they think they aren’t getting enough attention. That’s why we’ve decided that the only way to appease our tiny four-legged overlords is to share with you just how adorable they can be.If you can’t remember…

This Dog Showed Its Tiny Human Exactly What To Do When Confronted By A Shadow

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: dogs are pretty much the best.
Sure, their curiosity can definitely get them into trouble on a regular basis, but the way they react to the world around them can also be just about the funniest thing you’ve ever seen — and this baby wholeheartedly agrees. Her dog became absolutely fascinated by her shadow while she was bouncing in her swing and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pounce on whatever that dark, threatening floor creature was.

While the dog’s antics are pretty hilarious already, this cutie’s laughter makes them even…

What Happened To Them Only Minutes Apart Seems Too Heartbreaking To Be Real

On March 21, Julia Yates Patterson was driving along Highway 117 in DeKalb County, Alabama, when she got into a head-on accident with another driver.
The driver and passenger of the other vehicle were taken to a local hospital, but unfortunately, Patterson didn’t survive the crash. Her death was tragic enough as she left behind a fiance and three children, but the situation became absolutely heartbreaking when her eight-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, who went by Libby, was crossing a different stretch of the same highway just 30 minutes later.

A few minutes after Libby got off her school bus, she was…

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