A Police Dog Led His Handler To Something That Made Him Freak The Hell Out

K-9 units can be useful assets for any police department when it comes to helping sniff out crime.
But as it turns out, one South African police dog can’t help but give his human partner a good scare along the way. While continuing their education and training, one police officer and his faithful doggy companion set out in an abandoned field to help sniff out potential threats. As part of the training, the officer expected his K-9 to alert him to drug paraphernalia or perhaps a clue leading them to a missing person. Instead he was greeted by something a…

They Heard Rustling In The Bushes And Found This Dog In A Heartbreaking State

Sometimes we laugh when we see our pets getting their heads stuck in containers, but it definitely would’ve killed this pup if nobody had stepped in to help.
When animal control officers went out on a call to a neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas, they found a dog hiding in some bushes with his head wedged inside a large, plastic jar. He was severely dehydrated and likely having trouble breathing by the time they reached him. The caller said it looked like he’d been in that state for a while, and rescuers later estimated that his head had been stuck…

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